By Doug Caverly

The PageZoom, NoSquint, and Image Zoom add-ons for Firefox have been downloaded over 5 million times, all together, so obviously, there are a significant number of people for whom default sizes don't cut it.  And now Google's trying to help them out by adjusting the way in which it displays image results.

A post on the Official Google Blog announced late yesterday, "[W]e're rolling out a new format for image universal results.  When we're confident that we have great image results, we'll now show a larger image and additional smaller images alongside."

The post then continued, "With this new layout we're able to show you more pictures than before, so you have more to choose from.  As always, you can click on an image to see it full size in the original webpage."

A sample results page is visible below.

This change should serve to make Google's standard results pages more visually appealing.  It may save a few folks an extra click, too, if they no longer find it necessary to switch from the standard results to image results.

As for timing and availability, the rollout is supposed to be completed today.

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