Did you know that, dreamweaver could help us on maintain website directory??

Here you are.

1. How to replace chars on root site files:

First open your dreamweaver, stay there. Press Key [CTRL+F] then type in Find box, your char to replace (ex: img). Move to Replace Box, type your new char (ex: images). OK it so easy. Now Click Replace All Button inside. Ooouuu, on the few second, your old char will be replaced with new char (images).

2. How to rename file or folder:

You will rename file or folder name, without take broken link on root site. First look at right side dreamweaver panel window. There, Right Click on your file or folder name to rename. It will be showed you sub menu, then chose edit-rename. In edit mode, type your new file or folder name, then press [ENTER] or click wherever you want. No more time, you will received a confirm window to Update file or folder links on Root Site. Now press Update All Button. Wowww, you now may break for few moment. Successfull, now your file or folder name was renamed, and it could be sure that no broken links on root files site.

OK friend!! It so easy. Hope could Help You!!! Thanks