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FreeLance Job from AKPRO.NET

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The Job
After you are hired, your objective is to submit to us tutorial or articles frequently, we expect that you send us an entry each week. What you submit to us can be either a tutorial or an article, depending on what you choose and what you are best at.

The topics that you must outline if you are going to submit a tutorial are as follow; Adobe Photoshop, Adobe ImageReady, CSS, HTML, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Macromedia Flash and/or PHP. Before you write a tutorial on any of these topics, you must be familiar with them, as it will inflict on the quality of the tutorial.

The topics you must outline if you are going to submit an article are as follows; internet marketing, website development, search engines and general webmaster related articles. As stated before, you must be familiar with the topics before you write about them. Know that from time to time, we will ask you to create tutorials and articles on topics that we choose are necessary, if we see that you have the capability of doing so.

The Payment
Once you have submitted a tutorial, we will review it and look over it. If we see that it is relevant with its outlined topic, we will add it to our database. Once that is done, we will submit the tutorial to different tutorial search engines, such as If after a week we see that it had been accepted and listed. We will increase your payment by $5.00 (CAN), so if your tutorial worth was $15.00 (CAN), we will increase it to $20.00(CAN). If it doesn't get accepted, your payment will be decreased by $5.00(CAN) and you will only be paid $10.00(CAN). So we advise that you pay close attention to and try to create tutorials that have a high chance of being accepted.

The maximum payment for a tutorial will be $50.00(CAN). The method of payment that we will be using to send you the money is Paypal, so please be sure to send us your Paypal info as soon as possible. If you do not have a Paypal account, we advise that you create one at As so far this will be the only method of payment, until we expand. Know once you submit a tutorial, if we accept it, we will send you an email stating we have accepted it and how much we will pay for it.

Please know that once you have been paid, the tutorial or article will automatically be reserved by copyright law under our name, hence we will own the tutorial. And we reserve the right to modify or do whatever we wish with it.

Before you accept this job, please be sure that you are familiar with the following job requirements, you have the; ability to communicate in a professional, mature and well-mannered way, ability to communicate and write with proper use of English and grammar, ability to communicate well and have the ability to speak descriptively. Know that if we see in your submissions that you demonstrate incapability's in the above requirements, we may have to cancel our agreement and you will lose the job.

If you are going to be writing tutorials for us, know that there is a tutorial guideline that you must follow in order to insure that you get the maximum payment for your tutorial. For a complete guide please refer to the following link:

Know that if you are aiming high and want to earn $25.00(CAN) and above, we will be expecting tutorials such as the Extreme Template tutorials. Please refer to the following links for examples (the following tutorials are roughly worth $30.00(CAN)):

One of the largest factors that will affect your tutorial and how much its worth is its uniqueness and originality. If we see that the tutorials submitted are ripped or stolen, we will not accept it, no payment will be given and you will lose the job.

To Wrap Up
Know that after careful consideration, we have decided that we are only accepting tutorials for now. So if you want to write articles you will be pended until we seek new articles, then we will contact you. As stated above, we expect that we receive a submission weekly, and your payment will be sent a week later. Also, if you have expertise in a different outlines topic, but that is relevant (Java, Fireworks, etc) please contact us and inform us so we can make arrangements. If you have any questions, concerns please reply. Please do reply if you have accepted the job and its terms, so we can begin.

Aysar Khalid |
AKPro Administrator
AK Productions Studios™


How to Build Amazing Adsense programs

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How to Build Amazing Adsense programs

You know that at the first time I see the adsense programs, I am so tierd to learn how to make it. But know by the google ansense help center, I was create my adsense.


#1 Create your some blog (
Register Your name/company name as blogger sub domain. Like

#2 You will get an email shotly about Blogger confirmation register

#3 Now start to build your adsense, bu tyou should be sure that you have
created some bolg post. However Google cannot approve your adsense application
witahout any post to your blog.

#4 Enter this URL:
Then register there
Or you can follow adsense wizard from your blogger page. >> Template - Adsense

#5 Registered!!!

#6 Adsense will response you shortly by mail

#7 If adsense approve your form, It good reason for you.

#8 Now start from login into

#9 Adsense SetUp >> Create Your Channel

#10 Get your adsense code by click the Product Menu.

#11 Add codes to your website.

#12 And Last You must be dilligent to post a usefull thing for every one in the world

#13 Sooo Simple steps isn't ????

Thank You Friends --


Did you know that, dreamweaver could help us on maintain website directory??

Here you are.

1. How to replace chars on root site files:

First open your dreamweaver, stay there. Press Key [CTRL+F] then type in Find box, your char to replace (ex: img). Move to Replace Box, type your new char (ex: images). OK it so easy. Now Click Replace All Button inside. Ooouuu, on the few second, your old char will be replaced with new char (images).

2. How to rename file or folder:

You will rename file or folder name, without take broken link on root site. First look at right side dreamweaver panel window. There, Right Click on your file or folder name to rename. It will be showed you sub menu, then chose edit-rename. In edit mode, type your new file or folder name, then press [ENTER] or click wherever you want. No more time, you will received a confirm window to Update file or folder links on Root Site. Now press Update All Button. Wowww, you now may break for few moment. Successfull, now your file or folder name was renamed, and it could be sure that no broken links on root files site.

OK friend!! It so easy. Hope could Help You!!! Thanks Read More...


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